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So what is responsive design and why do you need it?

Spires Web Tech provides dynamic websites which look great on all mobile devices

Responsive design is no longer a nicety, it’s a necessity!

At Spires Web Tech we always try to stay ahead of the game when it comes to designing and creating our customers’ sites and we felt ours needed to be updated, redesigned as well as showcasing responsive design.

Nowadays, responsive design is crucial as most people tend to view your website on their mobile or tablet device first, laptop or bigger screen second – meaning it has to look good on all media.

So what is responsive design and why do you need it?

For those who do not know what responsive design is and why you need it, here is a brief explanation:

Responsive web design means there is only one website with the same content displayed on all devices. There is no separate ‘mobile’ version of the site which a few years ago was the only solution to getting a great-looking website on a mobile device.

Fast-forward a few moments (the web world moves and changes at an alarming pace) and ‘responsive design‘ was born to allow web developers to be able to create a one website for all devices using a technology called HTML5.

We don’t want to completely baffle you with technical jargon, Spires Web Tech prides itself on dealing with customers in a non-technical way without the jargon, but suffice to say if you’re site isn’t being built on this latest technology then you’re missing out not only on the visual aspect, and you could also be losing customers as people tend to stay on a site if they like the look of it and it’s easy to navigate.

If your site is still displaying a desktop version on a mobile device, it is forcing the user to scroll around and zoom in and out of the pages to find the information they are seeking, Most users will start the process and then quickly get frustrated and move on to the next site … this could be your competitor with a freshly-designed, mobile-responsive website with easy to read information and navigation.

So if you’re current website is not mobile-optimised then get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help and get you on the road to having a website you can be proud of, looks great and is fully mobile responsive on all devices.

We design for YOUR business . . .